Important Notice of the Upcoming Changes Regarding the Launch of Accredited Registrars, and the Effect of the Changes on Registrants

Continuous to CITC’s efforts (represented by SaudiNIC) to improve Saudi domain name registration services and applying international best practices in the field of domain names. Also, following its announcement in January 2020 regarding the update on Saudi Domain Name Registration Regulation, and urging registrants to update their information and the information of administrative contacts in order to be ready for the upcoming changes for the registry-registrar model and its rules for conflict resolution and fees; CITC has announced the start of the first phase of registrar accreditation, which allowed eligible entities to apply for becoming an accredited registrar.

As a result of this phase a number of registrars have been accredited to offer all domain registration services for Saudi domain name registrants. Since this change will have a direct impact on Saudi domain name registrants, and to ensure all registrants are updated with all the new information in order to comply with neccesary changes, we will offer a summary of this transition period and the required changed by registrants. You may also see the frequently asked questions for this period.

What does this change mean?

Launching the registry-registrar model will mark a new phase for Saudi domain names, where all services will be provided by accredited registrars only. Fees will be introduced for registrations and renewals. SaudiNIC will gradually discontinue its domain name services. Initially, new registrations will stop. Then, the modification of registered domains. Finally, all services will no longer be provided by SaudiNIC. This will all happen in stages during the transition period, and according to the dates outlined in the diagram at the start of this page.

What effect does this have on current Saudi domain name registrants?

The registry-registrar model will improve domain name registration services, and provide add-on services for domain names, such as: hosting, email, etc. This will be provided via a single platform (as opposed to having to subscribe to many different services from many providers), which includes technical and administrative customer support. In addition, domain name products and services will receive continued improvements to meet the expectations of registrants.

One important feature is the availability of many options for registrants to choose between domain registrars based on price, provided services, quality of service, and the level of customer support.

What must current domain registrants do after the announcement of the list of accredited registrars, and during the transition period?

After the announcement of the list of accredited registrars, all registrants (except government agencies) must transfer their domains to an accredited registrar, which will be done following the (Transferring a Domain from SaudiNIC to an Accredited Registrar) process. The most critical part of that procedure will be the correctness of the information of the administrative contact and the ability to reach him/her.

All registrants will be given until December 2021 to complete the transfer process, and after December 2021 all domains that have not been transferred will be canceled and deleted. (the End of the Transition Period for Saudi Domain Names) During the transition period, SaudiNIC will provide full support to all registrants to ensure that the transition happens easily and gracefully.

Kindly note that the domain name modification service will be provided until August 2021.

It is also crucial to update registration information and the information of the administrative contact, in order to receive notices and updates regarding any future changes or updates..

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