Beginning of the Landrush phase of second level domain under (.sa)

The SaudiNIC in Communication and Information Technology Commission (CITC) announces the beginning of the Landrush phase of the second level domain under (.sa). we mean by Second level domains All Domain names composed of two parts only, a label and the TLD (.sa) without the ( com, net, org, .. etc ) part . for example ( ). During this upcoming phase, the registration of the second level domains will be opened for any entity or individual on a first come, first served basis according to the terms and conditions guiding the registration process as well as other SaudiNIC’s regulations and procedures. The Landrush phase starts from 10:00 AM on Monday the 28th of Jumada I 1432 H (2nd May 2011 G). Appling for this phase is only accepted electronically through SaudiNIC website ( , All the related regulations are also available on the same website .